All strategies include three parts, audit, strategies, and implementation.

  1. Audit.

  2. Strategies. We will build key strategies that will provide you with action points and a guideline on how to improve your website, social media, or everything digital. 

  3. Implementation. This section is a recommendation of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to implement the strategies and a suggested order for implementation.

Our strategies have an organic approach (no advertising recommendations), this offers businesses the cheapest way to start improving their digital marketing.

Social Media Strategy

You'll receive content and hashtag suggestions and profile change recommendations. We will establish 5 key types of posts for each social media platform, and how to optimize your posts on each social media platform.

Website Strategy

Providing in-depth recommendations on how you can improve your website to meet your business goals (increase your conversion rate) - this includes web design, content and SEO suggestions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive recommendations on how to best utilize all aspects of digital marketing to achieve your business goals. This includes how the different aspects of digital will work together to give you the best returns on your digital efforts as possible.