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Why Video?

As the internet gets saturated with more and more content, high-quality video is becoming your best chance to stand out.


Video content is more likely to be viewed than written content, which means it is more effective at increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. No matter your business, video content can generate great returns and help you achieve your goals.


Video is versatile. Interviews, business trailers, corporate, events, films, the list of applications and styles is endless. Whatever your needs, we will work to bring your video ideas to life.

What We Offer

We are able to accommodate any project, big or small. Sometimes endless possibilities can be a little bit daunting. With that in mind, we have put together some basic packages that will help guide you in determining what kind of service you are looking for. 

When you have a goal and want to leave the rest to us, The Full Monty is the package for you. All projects start with an initial meeting with you to discuss your business (or special event), goals, audience and video ideas.

1. The Full Monty

Framiras will create the script and storyboard - you choose your level of input.

A draft script and storyboard will be presented to you for feedback.


The script/storyboard is then edited with your input to produce a final version.

The full filming and production of the video are carried out by Framiras.

All Post-production (editing) is done by Framiras.

After we present you with your video if you would like changes this package includes 2 large edits and 4 small edits (see Edit Guide for more info).

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2. The Pre-Scripted

The only thing separating "The Pre-Scripted" from "The Full Monty" package, is that YOU provide us with a completed script.

Framiras will then use your script to guide the storyboard creation.


The rest of the process follows directly what's outlined in The Full Monty.

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3. The Studio Deal

In this package, YOU provide the script AND the storyboard. The storyboard does not need to be drawn out or broken into panels. However, we would require a written description of the scenes.


Framiras will carry out all recording, editing and “post-production” work.

If script changes are wanted AFTER filming is completed, an additional cost will be applied to re-record the content. The cost will be proportional to the amount of work required to record the new segment.

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