Marketing Services

We offer two types of pure marketing services, audits (evaluating a digital aspect of your business) and strategies. All the marketing services will be priced on a project basis. 


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Marketing Videography

All the videos we produce for businesses are made with a marketing lens.


What's that mean?

Well, as a digital marketer and videographer duo, we have the skillset to make impactful videos with formal marketing experience driving the production decisions. The term videography captures all types of video production, whereas marketing videography refers to videos made for businesses to achieve specific business goals. No matter your industry, videos can help your business grow. Reach out to start a dialogue about how videos can help your business.

Audits will highlight your strengths and weaknesses in a given digital area and will provide improvement suggestions in order of importance. An audit is an effective way to establish where you should be spending your time to improve your digital presence. 

A strategy is a game plan. A strategy will provide you with action points and a guideline on how to improve your digital presence in order to grow your business. We will take your business goals and develop a strategy that will leverage digital marketing channels to help you achieve those goals.