Making Cookies

I had a free day and I thought, why not make cookies?

With that idea in mind, I set to work prepping all of my ingredients. Once I had everything ready to go I had another thought, why not make a film out of it? 

These particular cookies are a ginger snap cookie of my own making. Before the current iteration of Framiras, Miranda and I had a different idea for a company. We examined our skills, passions and the market, and decided that a vegan cookie company would be a great thing. In prepping for this we developed a number of fantastic vegan cookies, the ginger snap here being Miranda's personal favorite.

Making Cookies Spoon_2.1.1.jpg

In the end, we determined the cookie company would be best done another day, but this was not a defeat. We kept the branding, the name, and the spirit and created Framiras Digital Media co. Framiras 2.0 combines Miranda's extensive digital marketing background and Franz's videography experience to deliver strategically engaging videos.