Back in August of 2018 my friends and I decided to go on a little mountain biking adventure. We had a three-day plan for the ride involving a mountain pass lots of hiking and many funs to be had, unfortunately, things don't always go to plan. 

I was unable to bring much camera gear with me for this journey as the weight was a serious consideration. In terms of gear, I had a drone with three batteries, two Go-Pros, and my phone. The majority of the footage is iPhone footage.

Hike-Bike meadow_1.1.1.jpg

We found ourselves quite tired after only the first day, and the second day involved a much larger climb. The going was tough as the path we were following was very overgrown and hard to find, but nevertheless, we pushed on, determined to make it to the top of the pass.

Hike-Bike log_1.1.2.jpg
Hike-Bike drone sam_1.1.3.jpg
Hike-Bike same hike_1.1.4.jpg

As we approached the top of the pass, we started to get more and more worried that it might not be as rideable on the other side as we had previously thought.

Hike-Bike sam cliff 2_1.1.6.jpg
Hike-Bike Sam Cliff_1.1.5.jpg

Once we got to the top it became immediately apparent that we had reached the end of our trip.

Filming this journey was much harder than I expected. Simple things like holding the camera steady became much harder as my body was so tired and sore. It became much harder to think about what shots I wanted again due to fatigue. Even the process of stopping, getting off the bike, setting up the shot, taking the shot, getting back on the bike became difficult and hard to remember to do.

Hike-Bike Sam decent_1.1.7.jpg
Hike-Bike booty cam_1.1.8.jpg

My experiences filming this journey taught me a lot about how to shoot an adventure like this and what type of gear to bring. I look forward to the future and an attempt to improve on this style of film making.