ATB Elevate

I was recently working as an intern with ATB's 101 Student program. We were tasked to produce a program complemantary to the one currently offered by ATB. This is the trailer for that program.

ATB Elevate is a program designed to help entrepreneurs start businesses. When I was storyboarding for this video I wanted to make something that was overly dramatic and really grabbed people's attention right from the off. Naturally, I based this video off of the Inception trailer.

Dramatic Lighting_1.27.1.png
Dramatic Eyes_1.18.1.png

Most of the shots were shot with the intention of generating a feeling of overdramatization to the point where it is comical. For the scenes within the office, we shot at night and with minimal supplementary lighting to try and give that feeling of the stressed overworked office worker.

The close-up shot of the eyes is supposed to be reminiscent of the classic Clint Eastwood showdown stare.   

Dramatic back drop_1.16.1.png

Because this was shot for ATB it was important to showcase the ATB logo throughout the video.

The Ultrawide exterior shot at the beginning and end of the video is designed to give the trailer a sense of grandeur and give context.